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February 2001

From the Pastor:


It only took 2 weeks, but I finally got the last of the ice removed from the driveway…just in time for the winter storm that is due in the next 3 days. This winter seems to be paying us back for last winter's gentleness. And when I am ready to curse the ice and snow again, I remember back to Christmas time when my grandsons, who had never seen snow, got giddy over a mere dusting. We had to get snow-tubes and take them to a hill to do that strange Northland ritual of sliding. They had a ball--they froze--but they had a ball. "So that's what it's like," cried Jonah, my nine-year-old grandson. He had heard of it and read about it, and seen it on TV, but he had not lived it and felt the real thing.

Christian community is like that, I guess. We read in the Bible what it's supposed to be like. We see documentaries on different alive church groups, growing in the Spirit and delighting in God and one another. But there's nothing like the first-hand experience of it.

When we gather for worship and sing hymns and pray together, and then go out for fellowship time and listen to the voices of friends laughing and talking together, and when we see our young people delighting in their church, we are experiencing Christian Fellowship. "So that's what it's like!" The Oldtown Spirit is infectious. Why wouldn't folks be drawn to us if we're living in the joy of the Lord?

At our annual meeting, our moderator took time to thank the hard workers, and oftentimes unsung heroes that make our church run smoothly. I want to add my thanks to the members and friends of Oldtown who have helped build Christian Community by their enthusiasm and volunteerism. We do have a very special church family! I hope you can feel it, too!



Only by grace,
Pastor Katrina


Welcome to the Mission Corner:

Dedicated to Serving Christ

The Missions Committee is looking forward to a busy an exciting year!

First of all, we intend to increase the number of soup kitchens we sponsor to four per year. To that end, we invited Dot Embree, Interim Food ‘n Friends Coordinator, to attend our first meeting of 2001 and give us some insight and direction as to how Oldtown can better serve the needs of the community. Dot informed us of a small but necessary soup kitchen held at the Seekonk Baptist Church that needs our help and, of course, the larger kitchen held on Saturdays at the Centenary Methodist Church in Attleboro. She gave us an extensive list of open dates for both--we will select four dates spanning the year.

January 28th is Souper Bowl Sunday--young people will be collecting donations at the end of the worship service in big soup pots as part of this nationwide program. All donations will be forwarded to the Food ‘n Friends Program of the Attleboro Area Council of Churches to aid them in their task of feeding the hungry in our own midst.

Thanks to everyone who has brought in the fronts of used greeting cards. We will soon be sending them to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children in Nevada. Keep in mind that we will be collecting card fronts all year long, so remember us at all the holidays! Thanks also for everyone’s generous participation in the soup label program - those will also be going to St. Jude’s to help the children living there. Keep those labels coming!

We would also like to thank the Trustees for allowing us a generous budget for our missions work in 2001. We hope to reach out to a greater number of people of all ages in our communities and are considering expanding the number of ways in which we can help.


Christine Pandozzi

For the Missions Committee


A note from Nora: Mission’s recently had a lot of jackets and boots donated. Thank you!



The Deacon’s Corner

Our first meeting of the year with the new Board of Deacons has been held and we are happy to welcome Betty Grant to the Board. We know she brings a love of the church and great concern for its members to our group and we look forward to having her help guide the spiritual life of Oldtown. We put her right to work as the new Secretary. As we look ahead into the new year we will be planning many special events and services, especially during Lent. Pastor Katrina will be leading the younger children through a Communion Education series and they will have a significant part in the celebration of Palm Sunday. There will be a program for adults also which will consist of a series of tapes and follow-up journaling and discussion. We will plan an Ash Wednesday service as well.

Opportunities for learning and inspiration are available outside the church programs as well. The popular "Suitcase Seminars" are coming up which are run by our Area Ministry. You may find one of interest to you. Check the bulletin board in Maxcy Hall for more information.

The recent stormy Sunday morning brought up the question of how we should deal with possible cancellation of Sunday services. While everyone must use their own best judgement as to whether they can handle traveling in such weather, our goal is to always have the doors open and a service held for those who have been able to make it. We will make every effort to place a recorded message on the church phone to confirm this should you wish to call.



Peace always be with you,

Dave Sias

Chair of Deacons



Services on Tape

We record our Sunday Services, so those who could not attend can share in our worship. Call the church office at 695-1713 if you'd like to borrow a tape.

Christian Education

We have been busy planning a Lent full of learning. We are trying some new ideas in hopes of reaching and teaching everyone about God's Word.

Come and join us on Tuesday, February 27th from 6 - 7:30pm for a Family Mardi Gras Night! We will be playing games, making Lenten calendars and enjoying dessert and fellowship. Through our celebration we will be learning more about Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, and Lent. Please join us for a fun night filled with intergenerational fellowship.

On Sunday, February 25th the Sunday School will be starting something new called *Muffin Moment*. On the last Sunday of each month, one class on a rotating basis will meet in the church kitchen during their class time. As a class, they will make muffins to sell at fellowship time for 25 cents each. The money raised will be donated to a mission project chosen by the class. This is a great chance for our children to learn about working together and helping others.

On March 4th, the first Sunday of Lent, several Christian Education programs will start including: a 5--week Communion Education Class for grades K - 3, a 4--week Sunday School mission project called "Fill the Ark", and a 5--week adult education class of home study and reflection. More information will be coming soon on all classes and programs.

We would like to leave you with this quote: "Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them."

Thank You and God Bless!

CE Committee


Bottles Needed!

Please continue to wash and save your empty glass salad dressing bottles for the next batch of Elsie’s Famous French Dressing. Both pint (16oz.) and half-pint (8oz.) are needed and please no plastic bottles…they just get too sticky. You can leave them on the seat out in the front hall and Carolyn will pick them up. Thanks!

Trustee's Report

The January meeting was a little subdued as we put the final wraps on 2000. The final preparations for the annual report and budget proposal were prepared for the annual meeting. The meeting went as planned with the budget being accepted. With faith all things are possible.

It was decided to paint a third handicapped spot in the spring because the two are well used. Also we need to get some metal signs. The plastic ones simply didn’t hold up.

We are taking out contracts on the oil tanks because of their increasing age.

The Wish List:

Anyone who can provide these things or a good lead on how we can make them happen in a cost effective manner can contact any trustee.

  1. Replacement of railroad ties.
  2. More storage for the Historian (fire safe).
  3. Sturdy shelving for the storage closet in Maxcy Hall.
  4. Plastic Busboy Bins for the Suppers.


This is my last submission as a Trustee and would like to take this opportunity to thank the 2000 trustees (Dave, Conrad, Nick, Sue, Marion, Dorothy & Debbie) and wish luck to the 2001 group (Dave, Dorothy, Marion, Debbie, Fred, Jenn & Conrad).



Dan Thibeault

Former Trustee Chairman


Women's Spirituality Group

We meet on the first Monday of each month at Pastor Katrina's house, 43 Grant St. in Attleboro, from 7- 8:30 pm. All women of the church are invited to attend this time of nurturing the sprit through exercises and reflection and prayer.


Birthdays & Anniversaries

February 2: Denise Achin

February 6: Christian Harrop

February 7: Sandra Goeller

February 15: Missy Badger

February 19: Jack Kennedy

February 24: Kevin Goeller

February 25: Ruth Adams

February 27: Nora Kingman,

Virginia Hall,

Ronald Gaouette


From Our Conference

Suitcase Seminars are coming!

34 workshops are offered in a broad range of seminar topics, like: Mission Trips, Church Historians, Writing a Vision Statement, Missions, Faith and Finances, Doing Stewardship Right, Church Treasurer's, Church Growth and much more. Look for the flyer on the bulletin Board in Maxcy Hall. There is no cost. Let’s take a few carloads of folk to Duxbury on Feb. 3!

Craigville Retreat:

"Humility: A Saving Virtue for Women’s Lives"

Feb. 9-10, 2001. For women. Cost: $90.

Leader: Dr. Brita Gill-Austern


Sermons On-line

If you missed one of Pastor Katrina’s sermons, you can view it on our web page. The sermons are updated weekly (usually on Sunday).

Also, note that you can now view this newsletter on the web site. If you would like to be taken off of the postal mailing list for the newsletter, let us know.


Last Sunday (1/21) we had a rather severe snowstorm, and the question arose do we cancel church service or not? How do we notify everyone?

This issue was discussed during the Deacon's meeting last Thursday. Pastor Katrina stated that she feels she has a duty to be at church each Sunday--no matter what, so there will be no cancellation of services for those that choose to make the trip. Each of us will make the decision whether to brave the elements or not, but be assured that the pastor will be at the church if you do. Sunday School may be cancelled because of severe weather, so we decided that a Cancellation Notice and advisory would be put on the church answering machine by 8 A.M. on Sunday morning in the event of bad weather.

Anyone concerned about the weather and Oldtown services can call 508-695-1713 to hear the recorded message for any cancellation announcements.


Ed Clavette


In our prayers:

Bill Wright, Almena Grant, Miranda Berkley, Marjorie Brown, Chessie, Charlie&Lottie Scott, The Rev. Steve Bachelder, Alice & Gus, Doug Fontaine, Barbara Pasquantonio, Frank, Marion Sanders, Lynne Pittard, Marion Thompson, Gail Johnson, Mark Sullivan, Lois Blaise, Dorothy Lightfoot, Mike Lamarr, Frank, Bill, Mary K., Gina Woodrum, Deb Lieberman, John Gray, Andrea, Donna Humphrey, Brenda Lee Pouliet, Lindsey, Darrell, Roger Pelletier, Ken Rapoza, Mark & Ruth, Sue Zigler, Dorothy Robinson, Carol Snow, Ann Boyd, Fran, Mimi Peter and Gulliver Family, Elsie Morris, Linda Smith, Marion Hormon, Esther Angus.



Upcoming Church Events at Oldtown!


    • February 3: Suitcase Seminars in Duxbury
    • February 4: Communion Sunday
    • February 7: Pastoral Relations Committee- 7 pm
    • February 8: Trustees, 7 pm
    • February 11: Worship 10 am; Mission Comm after worship
    • February 18: Worship, 10 am
    • February 21: Deacons, 7 pm
    • February 25: Transfiguration Sunday, worship 10 am
    • February 26: Christian Education Committee, 7 pm
    • February 28: Ash Wednesday

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