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From the Pastor:

"Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark."

-Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali poet, 1913 Nobel Prize recipient

The great darkness of war that is upon us has been shot through with candlelight vigils and a new sense of unity among the people of this nation and of the world. As we prepare ourselves for a long and arduous war, we already are grieving for the innocents who have fallen. There will be many more losses before peace is established once again. How will we endure these times? How will we walk through the pain and loss and still have hope?

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of hope in the midst of despair, of love conquering over death and all the forces of evil. We are a people of an Easter faith, and as such we have a sure and confident hope that is called FAITH!

It will not be an easy walk through the "valley of the shadow of death". But we must do it, knowing that God's "rod and staff" are present to us. God's love will never leave us. We are never alone.

Encourage one another. Meet with your neighbors in candlelight vigils, display the flag, but don't forget to pray and attend church to express your faith in God as the One who has conquered evil already.

"What shall we then say? If God is for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31) Jesus Christ is the Hope of the World. Have faith and walk into the light of God's love, day by day, until the rainbow of peace is visible once more.



Only by grace,
Pastor Katrina


Trustee Committee

As I write this, the new septic system is being installed at the parsonage. The closing is scheduled for September 27. With all aspects of the sale falling nicely into place, this date should be firm. Thank you again to all who have supported this sale!

We have a big project coming up and need your help. Fred Achin is looking for able-bodied people to help him with the replacement of the railroad ties near the parking area. He will be replacing them with cement blocks and brick. He hopes to do this necessary project in late October or early November and needs your help. If you can give a few hours to this project, please call Fred at (508) 699-0718.

The fair is coming up quickly on October 12. The following people/committees are among those looking for help:

  • Jo-Ellen Fisher is looking for items for the "Not So Silent Auction". Please call her at (508) 226-5850 with questions or your contributions.
  • "Pie Men" (& women) needed to help bake apple pies to sell at the fair. Please come to the church on Thursday, October 18 and be prepared to peel, cut and roll your way through the evening. The time will be announced later.
  • Other committees looking for items and/or assistance have placed their requests in this newsletter. Please offer your time or talents!!

Upcoming Church Suppers:

  • September 22 - Turkey
  • November 17 - Ham & Bean

As I close for this month, I wish to remind all of you to ponder all that you have and remember all that you have lost over the past few weeks. Do not go it alone--turn to God, your family, your Church and your friends during this confusing and trying time. Together--we will endure, apart--we will falter


Jenn Morrison

Trustee Committee Chairperson



From time to time we will post items needed for the church and our community. Please see a Trustee at

church or contact Jenn Morrison at (508) 643-0667 if you can take care of an item on the list:

  • Carpeting for the narthex - it is faded and looking generally ragged. We are looking for an attractive new wall-to-wall replacement.
  • Tables - we are starting up a "Sponsor a Table" program to replace the tables used for the suppers. A new table is $70.00. Can't go it alone? Talk to some friends and go in together. The new tables will be the same as those in Maxcy Hall. They are more attractive and significantly lighter, therefore easier to move. If you have help, please call Dan Thibeault at (508) 222-9507.



To Pam Machado and Kevin Dumont

Married 9/14/01.

To Marissa Rose Lavieri Hunter, Nicholas Belanger and Chantelle Santsaver, baptized on Sept. 23rd.

To Kevin and Eric Mobley, Confirmed and joined the church on Sept. 30.



From the Attleboro Area

Council of Churches

The Annual CropWalk is scheduled for October 21, 2001, beginning at Capron Park at 1 pm.

The AACC is planning the interfaith Thanksgiving Eve service to be held on Nov. 21st. Mark your calendars!



From the Massachusetts

Conference, UCC


Craigville Retreats:

"Clutter Clearing: A Sacred Journey Of Letting Go" Oct. 19-20. Cost: $95.

For women: "Aging Outrageously and Courageously" Oct. 26-27. Cost $95.


A Workday for youth and adults will be held Oct. 27-28, 9am to 5 pm in conjunction with the Worcester Area Mission Society. Maintenance and cleanup.

"Shekinah", the UCC Women's chorus will give a benefit concert for the New Church Start in Provincetown on Sunday Oct. 21st at 3 pm at the Memorial Cong. Church in Sudbury. A Freewill offering will be asked.

The "NIGHTWATCH" program held at St. John's Cathedral in New York City will be held on Nov. 3 and 4 for Junior High aged youth. We are hoping to send some of our young people to this inspiring program.



Not-So-Silent Auction

Items wanted!

Jo-Ellen Fisher is collecting items for The Not-So-Silent Auction that has become a popular table at the fair. The items should be new or very slightly used- things that are a grade above the yard sale items. Some folks craft special items, some donate a special service. Gift certificates are always a popular feature. Please speak to Jo-Ellen about the possibilities!




Christian Education

What a wonderful start to the new Sunday School year, rally day was a big success with lots of smiling faces on young and old. I'd like to take a minute to thank all of the people who are taking time out of their busy schedules to teach or help out in the Sunday School. On Rally Day we started out with 4 classrooms. Our teachers are Nancy Mankavech and Denise Achin in the preschool room, Laurie Brown and Holly Schoonmaker in the K-1 room, Christine Pandozzi in the 2nd-4th grade room and myself in the 5th-8th grade room.

We are making a small change with our Sunday School/Worship schedule. At the beginning of church the Sunday School children will enter the sanctuary with their classes and sit up in the front pews until after the Word for all ages. Then the children will be invited to sit with their families. We feel that it is very important for children to learn about and experience the importance of Worship. If at any time your child is having a hard time sitting, there are coloring activities and crayons at the back of the church. If they are still restless feel free to take them for a little walk. There is a speaker in the Nursery so if you need to go out back you can still hear what's going on.

We still welcome any children to start Sunday School or adults to help out. If you have any questions or ideas please talk to Kelly Thibeault or Christine Pandozzi.

Thanks for your continued

love and support!


From the Southeast Area

Our Fall Fellowship Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday afternoon, October 21, 2001 at the Marion Church.




Services on Tape

We record our Sunday Services, so those who could not attend can share in our worship. Call the church office at 695-1713 if you'd like to borrow a tape


I hope many of you have seen the prints of your pictures taken earlier this year. They're on display on one of the bulletin boards in Maxcy Hall. Many have asked for copies, so we are preparing to publish this directory. As in past versions, I plan to include some pictures of activities over the year, and a phone/address directory in the back pages.

If anyone missed having their picture taken, you are welcome to have it done before we publish. I will be available after service on October 14 to take your picture and include you in our congregation's album.

If anyone wishes that their phone/address be omitted from the directory, please let me know and I will gladly accommodate your wishes. Just mail or call the church and leave a message. 508-695-1713 I'm checking on prices for printing, and have received a volunteer to help with the binding. More details to come next month. God Bless.

Ed Clavette


Address Change?

Please keep the church office notified of any changes in address or phone numbers and also e-mail addresses.

Is there someone you know who is away at school or maybe you yourself would like to be added to the list of those receiving the Oldtown Spirit by e-mail? This is also another tool to let you all know of any event that may come up suddenly such as the prayer services held last week after the disaster. Please let us know.



Women's Spirituality Groups

To Have TWO formats

Group One: We meet on the first Monday of each month at Pastor Katrina's house, 43 Grant St. in Attleboro, from 7- 8:30 pm. This group will be especially for younger women who work or have children. Parenting issues and stress management will be featured. October 1st we begin.

Group Two: We meet on the first Thursday of each month at 10 am in Maxcy Hall. This group will focus on the concerns of older women: health, loss, loneliness and the importance of prayer in our daily lives.

(Please feel free to come to either or both no matter what your age!)




Oct. 1

Ellis Badger

Oct. 6

Dan Thibeault

Oct. 7

Carolyn Chretien

Oct. 10

Neil Morrison

Oct. 15

Shaugnessy Carpenter

Oct. 16

Marion Sanders

Oct. 18

Jessica Harrop

Oct. 28

Elsie Morris (105!!)


Donald Bailey Retires on Nov. 25th.

Organist for over 40 years, Donald Bailey will be retiring on Nov. 25th per doctor's orders. There will be a special reception for Donald after worship on that day. Watch for more details in the next Newsletter!

Welcome to the Mission Corner:

Dedicated to Serving Christ

The members of the Missions Committee wish to remind everyone that their contribution to the Neighbors In Need Campaign on Sunday, October 7th supports the work of the United Church of Christ in alleviating poverty, improving education and addressing injustice in its worldwide missions.

Any non-perishable food donation left in Maxcy Hall will be stored in the Missions Room and combined with any Thanksgiving donations. Bags for the ingathering of donations will be distributed on

Sunday, November 4th, to the Sunday School children. All members of the congregation are welcome to take a bag home and return it on Sunday, November 18th.

Our next scheduled Soup Kitchen will be Friday, November 30th at the Seekonk Baptist Church. Anyone who would like to help out is welcome to speak to any member of the Missions Committee. We always manage to have a lot of fun while performing this necessary service to the community.

The next meeting of the Missions Committee is scheduled for Sunday, October 14th; we'll be making plans for the Christmas Program.


Christine Pandozzi

For the Missions Committee


Babysitting Workshop

The Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island announces a Babysitting Workshop.

Oct 13 & 20, 9:30am -2 pm. Cost $50.

Held at Richards Library: 401-729-2459




In our prayers:

Don & Ann Botsford, Phoebe Conlon, Julie, Jordan DelRicci, Mark & Ruth, Wilbur DiGirolamo, Lillian, Jackie Chamberlain, Marion Horman, Sharon Manton, Laura Zilch, Alan, Jannette, Brandon, Elsie Morris, Esther Angus, and all the victims of the September 11th tragedies and their families.

Look for a Prayer List Addition form in the pews.



October Anniversaries

Oct. 8

Dale and Karen Scott


United Church News

Now FREE to every member who wants it and made possible by the generous support of the Conferences and readers like you.

United Church News will keep you abreast of programs, people, and resources. The following is a quote from a flyer enclosed with the latest edition.

"Our church sign says the United Church of Christ but our people don't really feel connected to the denomination. The UCC has so many good resources available---both programs and people---and is involved in so many vital areas, that I regret it when members don't know about these. Now, with United Church News being distributed free, our members can be aware of all that our denomination does."

-The Rev. Patricia Stirling,

First Congregational UCC, Charlotte, Mich

Get started today

  • By mail: Publishers Information Center,

P.O. Box 247, Bellmawr, NJ 08099

  • By phone: 1-800-363-0575 (8a.m. - 5 p.m. ET)
  • By Fax: 1-856-931-4115 - 24 hrs. a day
  • By internet: 24 hrs, a day,



The Deacon's Corner

The September meeting of the Board of Deacon's was held on September 20th. Upper most in the hearts and minds of all of us were the recent attacks of Terrorism in New York and Washington DC. A prayer by Pastor Katrina reminded us of how very fortunate we are and that freedom is still alive and well in these United States of ours. A letter was received from Dave Sias resigning as Chairman of the Board and expressing his regrets at leaving us. We will miss Dave greatly. He was an exceptional leader. Thank you for the time you shared with us Dave and we all wish you and Lynn the best life has to offer. The Board then voted that Judy Harrop would fulfill the remainder of this year as Chairman. In her Pastor's report, Pastor Katrina made note that it had been an extremely difficult week due to recent events. There were Clergy Gatherings, A National Day of Mourning at which time the doors of the Church were open to those who wished to pray. Katrina held two Services of prayer and worship here at Oldtown. On September 23rd, three were baptized: one Infant Marissa Rose Hunter and two Young People, Chantelle Santsaver and Nicholas Belanger. Blessed be our little ones for they are precious to all of us and are the future of our church.

September 30th will be Confirmation Sunday. At this time Eric and Kevin Mobley will be confirmed. October 7th we will be observing WorldWide Communion with Fellow Christians all over the Globe. A Neighbor's In Need Offering, one of our missions, will be taken at that time. Special envelopes will be provided on that day.

Dan Thibeault is planning an Apple Pie Baking night again this year. The date for this undertaking is October 18th. Those who participated last year were very tired but felt elated at the number of pies they turned out. How many pies was it Dan and are you planning on that plus one more this year? If you can lend a helping hand please give Dan a call. Many hands make light work.

Our Annual Fall Church Fair is scheduled for October 20th. Again, many hands make light work. Helpers are needed in all area.

Please contact Carolyn Chretien if you can assist even for an hour or two on that day. There will be crafts, wooden items, plants, placemats, Christmas Corner, Not-so-Silent Auction, baked goods, Country Store, books, brunch and a luncheon. Come and enjoy some work, fun and fellowship.

On October 28th we will be greeting an old friend as a Pulpit Supply Pastor in Pastor Katrina's absence. We will show him what Oldtown stands for and what its members are all about by showering him with warm fuzzies and extending a cordial Oldtown welcome as only we can do. Come and enjoy this gentleman he is a treasure. Our next special Sunday will be on November 28th when we will observe Thanksgiving Sunday and Stewardship Sunday as well. The three Sunday's preceding this special day will have special events planned by your Stewardship Committee. Inclusive on this day will be an ingathering of nonperishable food items to be given to help the needy. December 2nd a New Members Class will be held at the close of the church service. If you are considering or have thought about membership please speak to Pastor Katrina or attend the class for more information on what membership means to a Christian. On December 16th, the Reception of New Members will be held during the regular Church Service. On December 23rd, our bi-annual Live Nativity will be held at 5pm and 6 pm in the evening. Judy Harrop will be approaching some of you in the Congregation to be included in the cast. If any of you would like to be included please speak to me. But above all come and enjoy this meaningful Pageant.

My Goodness we are a busy lot here at Oldtown. We are alive and very well. Your Deacon's have the very distinct pleasure of serving the Lord our savior with preparing a spirit filled experience for everyone. The last item on our agenda was the duty of preparing a comprehensive job description of duties to have on file for the Pastor. Pastor Katrina has done an excellent job and has made the tasks of your Deacon's that much easier though that much busier. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty and performs all her tasks with love and commitment. We are a truly blessed church to have her in our midst as our shepherd. God bless Katrina. We love you.

As previously reported in a former newsletter there is a Pastoral Relations Committee that meets with Katrina on a quarterly basis if needed and as need arises if any issues that need resolving come up. Anyone having any questions can feel free to contact anyone of your committee members or Pastor Katrina

They are as follows:

Ed Clavette Moderator

Robert Greene

Dan Thibeault

Judy Harrop

The spirit and love are full to over flowing here at Oldtown. We are a church who is on the rise not only in numbers but also in people who have been enriched by the love of the Lord and want to learn of him.

We are a truly blessed people.

God Bless, peace and love to you all,

Judy Harrop

Vice Chairman Board of Deacon's



By Carolyn Chretien

Please keep the family of Steve and Kim Harrop in your prayers as they rebuild and recover from the fire that damaged their home.

Jimmy Fontaine made it to Ohio and is busily adapting to college life.

Glad to see Irene Muir back from her stay in Nova Scotia. We miss you when you're gone! Not much else to report this time!



A Note from Betty Grant

September 21, 20001

I have enjoyed collecting handmade cloth dolls for many years. There are dolls sitting and perched here and there all over my home. I have a long-time friend who makes beautiful dolls that I have admired and purchased over the years.

When Joe passed away, she sent me a beautiful angel doll with a lovely, flowing dress and beautiful gold wings that come out to the side. I was so touched...and hung the doll on the wall behind Joe's chair.

Since the recent attack on our country, I have been praying and trying to fathom it all and adjust my thinking just like everyone else. I have hung my flag from my front porch to let others know that I also feel connected...but I must also say that the true possible impact of it all is just starting to become a reality to me as I see faces in the newspaper of the pain of mourning and of loved ones saying goodbye. I prayed differently this morning-with different more fearful thoughts.

I know from my everyday life and personal experience that God hears my prayers. He does not always seem to answer right away. Often He answers in a completely different way than I expected. Sometimes the answer is very subtle and sometimes very clear. This morning - just at first light - I lifted my window shade at the living room window that looks through the glass porch enclosure to where I saw the reflection of my cloth angel doll perched on the flagpole!

I still cannot understand how this could be as the angel doll is not in line with the window - but there it was!

To me it was God's way of saying to me and to all of us that He hears the prayers of our people - our sadness, grief and fears. He hears us!

God Bless us all.

Betty Grant


As you have traveled throughout New England you may have noticed that many small white churches have their burying grounds or cemetery right nearby. Have you wondered why we don't have one here in Oldtown and where did the people bury their families? Well, maybe this will help clear things up.

The first burying ground in town, where the first settlers are buried, is the "Old North Burying Ground" or "Hatch's burying ground" located at the northern end of North Attleboro across from the Historical Society's little red schoolhouse. This was the result of an accident. Nathaniel Woodcock was slain here during Phillip's war and was buried on the spot where he fell. This parcel was set aside by his father, John Woodcock, for his family and his neighbors. No stones or mounds were raised at first to keep the number of deaths from the Indians. As the settlement increased and the enemy became less it took on the appearance of a cemetery.

The next burying ground to be laid out was the one in South Attleboro, then known as "the city". It originally consisted of about two acres given to the town for the purpose on July 21, 1715 by the North Purchase. According to the cemetery records, one of the earliest stones is plainly cut with the initials I. G. and dated 1712. The choice of the site was natural, being central and rising ground, and here all the inhabitants of the west and south parish were buried.

In 1854 the Probate Court of Bristol County ordered the proprietors to assemble and see what action should be taken in regards to the bequest of Jabez Newell. On October 7, 1854 Lemuel, May and A. H. Robinson voted to accept the bequest which then amounted to $2100.00. In honor of the liberal spirit that actuated Jabez Newell, the old ground was named the Newell Burying Ground.

Milton Barrows was elected Treasurer and well fulfilled his duties of the office until 1860 when he was succeeded by Asabel H. Robinson.

The section on which the tomb was erected in 1828 by fifteen subscribers was purchased off Samuel Tingley on April 22, 1869. On July 23, 1891 more land was purchased from James Orr so that the cemetery now comprises about ten acres of land, and contains the remains of about 40 Revolutionary and 30 Grand Army soldiers.

The highest area has the oldest remains. Among the remains are our own minister Rev. Habijah Weld, his wife and various family members. Rev. John Wilder and his family. Rev. John Whitehill and some members of his family are also there.

Here is a quiet restful spot where the past and the present merge together as a sacred place. Many times visitors to our area who are seeking historical information about their past, visit the Newell Burying Ground and wander amongst the stones.

Much of this information I took from Daggett's History as well as a sheet published by the Directors of the Burying Ground.

Carolyn Chretien

Stewardship Campaign, 2002

Thank you to Dave Fontaine

For our new logo:

This year the Stewardship Campaign will begin on November 4th and culminate on Thanksgiving/ Ingathering Sunday, November 18. We will be hearing from several folks about why Oldtown Church is First in their hearts and why they pledge to the ongoing budget and mission of First Church. Pledge cards will be given out on November 11, and 18 and be collected on the 18th. We ask you to consider your pledge prayerfully and help to continue the work and ministry of the Heart of Oldtown, The First Congregational Church. Thank you! Your Stewardship Committee



The Oldtown

Country Fair

October 20, 2001

9am to 3 pm

Country Store, Crafts, Jewelry

Baked Goods, Flea Market,

Books, Christmas Corner,

Children's Room

And the "Not-SO-Silent Auction"

Coffee and doughnuts 9-11 am

Luncheon 11:30am -1 pm.




Upcoming Church Events at Oldtown!

Oct 1

Women's Spirituality, Group One, 7 pm at 43 Grant St.

Oct 4

Women's Spirituality, Group Two, 10 am at Church

Oct 7

Communion Sunday; Neighbors in Need Special offering

Oct 11

Trustees, 7 pm

Oct 14

Sunday Worship 10 am

Oct 15

C.E. meeting, 7 pm

Oct 17

Deacons, 7 pm

Oct 18

Apple pie Baking 5 pm and on

Oct 19

Fair set-up

Oct 20


Oct 21

10 am Worship

Fall Fellowship Day- Old Colony Association- 2 pm Plymouth

Crop Walk

Colossal 8 in Needham, A CE workshop of our Conference

Oct 24

Church Committee

Oct 25

Deadline for submissions to newsletter.

Oct 28

Guest Preacher, 10 am worship (Change clocks)




The Not-So-Silent Auction Donation Form


Phone:_____________________ email:________________

Item(s) you have to donate to the auction:





Please return this form to Jo-Ellen Fisher

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